Iconic Union has its origins in my child hood in Boulder, Colorado, growing up the kid of a commercial artist. I helped my father cutting and pasting copy when I was six years old, and helping with advertising photoshoots. Then in high school, I studied photography and fell in love Unfortunately, it fell by the wayside as I was then studying graphic design full time. Through graphics,I learned both an appreciation and a knack for visual design rules. I later went on to Visual Art programs at both Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado.

I then spent a number of years working for graphic design firms and advertising agencies before honing my craft in corporate America, most notably at StairMaster, Nintendo and Fiserv. During the latter, my interest and projects shifted to include, and then later to be solely based upon, video production. Before long, I left Corporate America and formed Matter & Form, a boutique video production firm in Seattle, WA.


When technology evolved to be meld video and still photography in one camera, I was re-introduced to still photography and threw myself into learning as much as I could about it. I knew then that I wanted to make my living from it, but not give up video production.

So I closed M&F, moved home to Denver and opened Studio23J, a company that services both consumer and commercial video and still photography clients. Studio23J continues this legacy today. But I still wanted something different, something more meaningful and also something more “me”, something more true to who I am and my aesthetic and style, so I refocussed on weddings and unions and Iconic Union was born.