Iconic Me

I have been a great number of things in my professional life: A busboy, a paper delivery boy, a waiter, a graphic designer, an advertising layout artist, a web designer, a creative director, a video editor, and a photographer.

But like all of us, my career and what I “do” is not all that defines me. Outside the office, I love to play hockey, watch hockey, read about hockey, basically focus on anything hockey. Are you getting the sense that I like hockey? Good. Because he does. And you should too.

Beyond that, I enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and have been known to take up the occasional golf game.

I’ve written a number of screenplays and short stories, that will never see the light of day, and I’ve even designed a house that will never be built. I’ve hosted a couple different podcasts over the years, also none of which will be heard from again.