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Hello and welcome to iconic union!
      Hopefully by now you had a chance to look over the website pretty thoroughly. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and do that as soon as possible. I think you’ll find lots of interesting things and plenty of moving imagery. Meanwhile, I wanted to give you a more extensive idea of what iconic union is.
      Iconic Union is wedding photography (and videography) for uncommon people in uncommon lives, done in a non-conventional, uncommon, beautiful way.
      That’s kind of vague so what exactly does that mean? When it comes to weddings and the associated trends, things really do tend to look homogenous and all the same to me. Stuff that used to be gorgeous and moving starts to become road and dull and boring. That’s the last thing people want from their wedding imagery, at least in my opinion. I’m sure there are people out there who want their weddings and their colors and their images to look exactly like everybody else’s but I’m not one of those people. And I’m looking for clients that share that outlook.
      And expanding on that point, I feel like there is a segment, a very large segment, of the wedding market that wants to be different than the rest of the wedding market. If you pick up any issue of The Knot or Bride magazine, you’ll notice 230 pages of beautiful, Christine, unblemished, untattooed, White, basic, boring models in wedding dresses and nothing else. Meanwhile, step onto a subway and you’ll see how different the world really is. So where are the rest of those people represented in the wedding industry, and in particular wedding photography? The wedding industry has left these people behind.
      My goal is to include those people. Exalt them. Elevate them and their relationships, their love, their weddings. I want to photograph the weddings in unions of what the world considers to be an alternative crowd: tattooed brides, alternative lifestyles, same-sex weddings and unions, anything really that doesn’t fit into the mainstream, boring wedding asthetic. And I want to do it in an iconic way that really showcases the uniqueness of all weddings and all loves.
      I want to create wedding imagery that not only showcases these people and their uniqueness but stands the test of time and transcends the here and now. I want to create a conic imagery that unique individuals will share with their offspring and grandchildren. Unique and moving images that people generations from now will look back on and be proud of their forebearers. Images that will still be moving 100 years from now.
      But why? Well… to quote the movie Beetlejuice, “I, myself, am strange and unusual”. Not run-of-the-mill by any stretch. I may have a rather plain exterior but my philosophy, outlook, and perspective make me unique A unique human and also A unique photographer among all the other wedding photographers. I am uniquely me and that extends to my art.
      As far as the particulars go… I am body positive, situation positive, tolerant, in favor of all things different unique and special! And I think that this philosophy enables me to be more in tune and connected wedding photographer. Especially to those people who know they are different than everybody else and cherish and embrace that.
      So if you consider yourself unique, different, alternative, and iconic, I think that my photography and my approach to you and your wedding will be exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look around the website again and see if you think so.
      Meanwhile, I’m always here to answer questions or help you out with anything you need. Please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form on this website, or by phone or email! Look forward to meeting all of you! Cheers!
      — JH





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